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If it had Segmented Downloads Support

Miro is easily the best open-source application I have ever used. I positively love it. I donated last week; I'll do so again next month. It's polished, functional and relatively reliable (save for the irritating issue here ).

I use the Miro Podcast downloader to download large files from '' via putcast, which creates an RSS feed of completed downloads. Miro then downloads them automatically. Works amazingly. (As a side-note, I'd love to have a '15 minute' option on when to update Podcasts, rather than the current minimum of 30 minutes: this would be easy for Team Miro to add, I'd guess?)

The only limitation is that the download is a single-segment download, which limits speed. Most download managers support multiple segments at a time (eg, 3 chunks of the same file are downloaded at the same time) : the resulting speed increases are massive; often more than double or even triple.

Does the library Miro uses to run it's download manager support this? Would it be possible to add?

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You shouldn't be using a multi-segment download manager just to increase speed. If the server's operator only wants to offer X bandwidth, so be it.

Likewise, most RSS feeds are set up to only allow your client to re-retrieve them after they reach a certain age. Reducing the 30 minute delay to 15 minutes would likely yield no different results.


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