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Is Miro really unable to resume downloads?

Hi! I just installed the newest version of Miro on Ubuntu and am trying to use it to download the following podcast:

My Internet connection is very unstable, and the connections break erratically. Unfortunately, each time a connection breaks, Miro restarts the download. At this rate, the whole podcast will never be finished. It is hard to believe that such a nicely polished program lacks such a basic and essential feature. Am I missing something here? (Tell me I am!)

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Miro resumes downloads - it should go into a retry mode.  What version are you using?

 Same issue using  5.0.4... the latest

Same issue in Miro 6.0; tested under Windows 7.

I absolutely love Miro (donated last week!); but this issue is wasting a lot of bandwidth for me.

If the internet connection breaks whilst a Podcast download is in progress, Miro says 'connection unavailable... retrying in 5 minutes' (as expected). The progress bar stays where it was.

But when the retry takes place 5 minutes later, it starts from the very beginning of the download again; and the progress bar resets to 0.

Pausing and resuming downloads manually works fine; and I can even exit Miro and restart it and have in-progress downloads resume fine. But if I get disconnected? Back to the beginning! 



A bit more testing reveals that this issue also occurs if the server closes the connection for any reason... Still, the easiest way to reproduce this issue? Simply restart your ADSL router with a resumable download in progress - and it starts from scratch... Would love to see this fixed... PCF: let me me know if you want me to message you sample links; though I suspect this will occur on any download. Loving Miro otherwise!

Same here!

Also on Miro 6.

I also am having this problem.

Have created a bug ticket here:

Let's see what happens!

when your internet connection is re-established, go to the download window where nothing is happening except a countdown to the next attempt.  on the far left of the cued download there is a play button.  push play.

I face this problem all the time when I'm not able to download a podcast in one go. After starting Miro newly, the podcast won't resume at the previous status but restart.
I really love Miro, but when this problem persists I have to change to another tool...

btw: where can I find the current development status? when will the next update be available?
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