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You could download a lower quality version of a video

Many of the videos that I download are HUGE, and I have not been able to figure out how to download the smaller 360p/480p file, Miro just seems to default to the "much" larger 720p HD file. Is there any way to download low quality files?

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 Yes please! This is a much needed feature. A feature for selecting the youtube video quality(ies) (if available) would be great.

Since apparently Miro developers have ignored this for not just five months, but for ten, I'll bring it up yet again. Please let users download lower quality YouTube videos from podcast.

Downloading a 1080p or 720p video is an utter waste of bandwidth for a half-hour YouTube video. To say the least of the fact that many devices can't play that quality, and others don't have machines that can keep up with 1080p or even 720p video playback.


@Markus Finoh, and more 3 months.......

Hey developers! Wake up! Its a huge waste of bandwidth when I download 1 to 2 hour videos.... (podcasts)

I'd like to request that a hook or a toggle for download quality be inserted here:

This list of formats determines the quality with which youtube videos will be downloaded. The "22" format in particular is the HD format, and being first in the list makes it extremely troublesome for bandwidth-conscious downloaders.

Ideally, users would be allowed to customize these quality lists for each website, but I would be content with a checkbox in the settings that determined whether this HD format was included in the list or not. Failing that, even a hook allowing an extension to modify this list before it is iterated over would be fine.
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