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Youtube downloads not working

I have the latest miro version for windows, my laptop is windows 7. I've had miro for a long time and it has always been fine but over the last couple of days whenever I try to download a youtube video it comes up with "Error-Error: Invalid URL"

I've tried to download loads of different videos and it comes up with it on all of them. I think that the problems may have started when I upgrded to the latest version (5 point something), but I'm not 100% sure.

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We have release candidate builds posted for a Miro-5.0.4 update which will fix youtube download issues and vimeo private videos. Please take a look and let us know how it works for you.
  • (Windows (2012-10-01-v5.0.4-rc0-nightly)
  • (OS X (2012-10-01-v5.0.4-rc0-nightly)
  • (Source (2012-10-01-v5.0.4-rc0)
Can they be downloaded now? If so, how?

Thanks for replying.

but. I downloaded 5.0.4 for os/x and get an error that the file does not contain a mountable filesystem.
the md5sum of my download is 02fc869eb5775dd7096a04a62cbfcfa4 Miro-5.0.4.dmg
Same with (dc25291ff210d0e8b7d18848d29554f6)  Miro-2012-10-01-Miro-5.0-nightly.dmg.

I see the problem with 5.0.3 on os/x 10.7 64bit.
Thanks a lot for the help, the windows version seems absolutely fine so far. Youtube downloads are working just how they used to.
Where can I download 5.0.4-rc? Thanks.
Miro 5.0.4 is released and you can download it from the  website.

i have this problem with utube downloads they have changed the format they still say mp4 but they are actulley MPEG4 and they wont open now i say this before i check MIRO but i did find they open in file viewer with no audio

Try it with Internet Download Manager(Idm).I m sure this will surely help you out.


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