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If Youtube Download Filenames Reflected the Video's Actual Title

Currently my files that get downloaded are named things like "videoplayback-ms=au&newshard=yes&id=72d821d4dd9354.106&mt=1347680111&itag=22&sver=3&fexp=912301,9230.mp4".

It would be nice if Miro would pull the info from the Video Title,  Channel Name, and maybe even other things like the Upload Date and then make that the filename.

For example. If my subscription was for "xnamkcor"'s channel and the video was "K93S Color Cycle", then the Filename would be "Youtube_xnamkcor_K93S_Color_Cycle.

Maybe even fancy it up and give each parameter its own code and let the user type it in a settings box.
Something like, "<upload_date>_<source>_<username>_<video_title>", would yield "2012-09-12_YouTube_xnamkcor_K93S-Color-Cycle"

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