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Miro error while trying to upgrade.. Nothing will download

One of the 'upgrade now' messages come up when I opened Miro a few days ago, I clicked 'upgrade now' instead of later or ignore, and the upgrade failed. Now whenever I open Miro, an error message comes up with two options 'open console' and 'terminate', clicking either does nothing, but now nothing will download, it's just stuck on 'starting up', eventhough my existing videos still play fine and I can still search for videos too. I tried to upgrade through the website, dragging it into my Applications and replacing my existing Miro file, but that did nothing. Please please help!! I have an Apple iMac if this helps??

Hi Miro support
I have the exact same problem. I have even uninstalled and installed Miro several times with the regular mac-uninstalling procedure, and when that did´nt do the job, I used Maccleanse for a secure uninstallment with no results either. (Using OS 10.5.8, 2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo)  I too get the "Miro error. Console.Terminate."-popups, and the downloading just stalls. Very frustrating. I hope you have some troubleshooting before long. I hate to loose out on Miro in the future.

Kind regards,


Hi, I have deleted everything related to Miro, emptied the trash and reinstalled version 5.03 but still have the same issue as stated above. Please help!
If you are using osx 10.5 - then you will need to stick with Miro-5.0.2 - from here: and you will not be prompted to update to new versions.  The fixes required for osx 10.8 that we implemented in Miro 5.0.3 are not compatible with osx 10.5.

Hi, i had the same issue. Finally i installed a new Leopard onto an external USB drive, only Leopard, not yet the upgrade to SL.
I copied everything related to Miro
- Miro (version 5.0.4) into the Application folder
- Miro folder inside users/application support/Miro
- Miro prefs
- The Miro download folder with all my videos into the users/Movies Folder
Everything is running fine, but, the Miro "Error - Open Console - Terminate" is still anounced but is now behind the Miro main window.
Next thing i wanna try is now to copy everything back in reverse now, thus, from the external HDD onto my main HDD on my Macbook.

i just downloaded the latest version of Miro, "" - installed it, dropted it into Applications folder and double clicked on it after i had removed the old version wich was 5.0.4.
There is the same issue in the new version 6.0 as it was like in the previous version 5.0.4 and i can't think of any solution to solve it.

Miro, help wanted

I work on a Intel iMac G5 - 2.16Mhz Intel Core 2 Duo
Mac OS 10.6.8

Kind Regards, Pascal

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