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Can't download Miro! Please, Help!

I've used Miro for about a year and a half but I haven't used Miro in about six months and I tried to use it today (June 12, 2012) and when i would try to download something it would not let me, I tried multiple torrents and nothing would work. So i decided I would try to unistall Miro and then go back and reinstall the program and I got almost to the end where you click finish and a small window popped up and it says, " It looks like you're already running Miro. Please shut it down before continuing", but nothing else will be running on my computer, and i try to exit out of the small window and it instantly reappears. So I try to click finish and it closes everything but it never downloads Miro.

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You don't need to uninstall miro before reinstalling it.  But please shut it down and double check in your task manager that there are no Miro related processes running before you try to install it.
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