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Export keeping metadata?


I've been using Miro ever since it still was Democracy player ;) mostly for downloading, searching, listening to many podcasts (audio, video)

and tagging hundreds of them so that they have appropriate titles, tracknumbers, artists and comments.

As the podcast library grows bigger, we need to tag the items so that we can quickly display all relevant material (podcasts). Which AFAIK is not feasible with otherwise great Miro 6.0.

So I've been trying to export or copy the podcasts with as many Metadata existing in Miro, whether into tags or filenames that make sense (e.g. Album, artists, comments/description).
Converting from within Miro exports: Album, Artist, Album Atist, Title and Genre (not the Comment/About) tags, BUT only those hardcoded into the tracks. i.e. any edition made from within Miro is NOT exported, but the title as filename, which is a bit short :|

So I'm stuck so far. Since tagging is not available, is there a way to export files keeping the metadata that we've manually inputed into hundred of files?

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