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Miro Video Converter - 100% CPU Utilization - CPU Temp 80C.

I am doing a simple .MKV to .MP4 video conversion and Miro is using all of my resources (99-100%) CPU utilization, causing my system temperature to SKYROCKET to twice what it normally would. This is unhealthy for a computer. When it comes to hardware, heat kills.


I tried lowering the Miro process ffmpeg.exe priority to "Low" but as I figured, it didn't work and is still at 99-100% CPU utilization, and thus high heat.


I rebooted and removed my overclocking settings, but Miro still has my temperature spiked to 80C with no overclocking.


When I kill Miro, CPU Temp drops back to 37-38C.


I have an i5 Haswell 3.6 k series with 8gb ram running Win 7 x64. According to my installed programs, I'm using Miro 0.8.0.


Any ideas for lowering Miro's CPU utilization?


I'm not looking forward to having to retrofit my cooling solution for ONE program that doesn't know how to play nice with computer hardware.


Miro REALLY needs to add a feature to allow you to select how much max CPU to use - I know other conversion software has that feature. I could care less if it runs slower, over night, so long as it doesn't try to fry my hardware.


Thanks for any suggestions, if there is any known way to get Miro to use less CPU.


Full size image:







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Uninstalling Miro. Went for an hour, spiking my CPU temperature, and only got to 20% complete on an 8gb video file.


^Program in this link converted my 8gb mkv file to mp4 in FIVE MINUTES. Although it spiked temp a bit too, it would not do so for several hours as Miro would have done. Choose the "direct download link" so you don't get the ad-ware install.


Gluck all.. I'm going to find one which allows you to set a max of how much of the CPU it can use.



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