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using miro for radio station automation

 Hi all-

i am new to Miro, I am trying to use it to auto-download some podcasts that i want to drop in to the radio station's regular daily playlist.

i am using a program called zararadio for the automation, which allows you to schedule " events" at particular times of the day  where it will look in a folder and automatically pull whatever is in that folder and play it. 

so. i want to use miro to auto download podcasts, and drop them in an appropriate folder. and then erase them from there after they have been played a certain number of times or a certain number of days.

i picked out two podcasts-- democracy now, titulares de hoy ( translated to spanish) and radialistas.

though i have it set to auto download, it never downloads at all titulares de hoy.  and it does not auto download radialistas, it only downloads it when i say push the update in the menus... i need them both to downlaod automatically. that's why they call it automation! i don't want the djs to have to be pushing buttons and dragging things around--- i am just hoping it runs by itself without human hands intervening after it starts.

i was trying to add radio ambulante, too-- but it shows how to download in itunes or soundcloud- but their site  does not give th e url  for the rss feed-  can the miro search function find the podcast just from wherever it is on the whole site?  probably not but that would be cool, right? 



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