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Miro freezing, not finding data

I´ve installed Miro 6 on a new Windows 8.1 computer - nothing flash, but adequate.  I have only a small audio library loaded so far, and a few video and audi podcasts - nothing I would expect to overload the program.  However, two main problems crop up:

- Can´t search the library - it freezes for 10-20 seconds for each and every letter is entered in the search box

- Lookup data - The files have album art (found in WMP or in SonicStage ages ago) but it doesn´t pick this up (is there a way to manually add?).  I tried the lookup service, but it just simply didn´t work.  It claimed to be finding lookup data over a period of 5 days or so, but never stopped.

Are these known bugs? 

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