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Help - MIRO doesn't see my device

 Hi All,

I've just installed MIRO, mainly to use for podcasts, which it does superbly! Unfortunately, I cannot transfer them to my Sony Walkman NWZ E464 because MIRO doesn't see it. I've set the Walkman to USB mode and checked the 'show all attached devices and drives' box in MIRO but it still isn't showing. I don't get a prompt to 'mount' the device - I get nothing at all.  I can see the Walkman in Windows and see all the files and folders.
Is the Walkman not supported? Is there anything else I can try, please?

I've opened a ticket to MIRO asking for help but no-one has responded so I'm not sure if they are still around or not. I've searched the web for a solution but found nothing. Grateful for any assistance!

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