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Torrent download speed


I have used Miro for a couple of years to download torrents.

I'm not really a computer guy but I do understand the relevance of 'seeders' etc in relation to torrent speeds. The time of day often makes a difference also for me.

If I'm unlucky with the influencing factors, I might just get tens of kbs in speed, sometimes a few hundred. If the torrent is seeded in the tens of thousands I can achieve around 1.1Mb in speed but it never goes over that under any circumstances.

Given my BB speed is around 10Mbs, is it expected for a download to approach that or at least go over 1.1Mbs ?

I have messed around with the download settings in Miro but is there anything else I should consider ?

Of course if I get 1.1Mbs in speed I'm very happy but I'd hate to be missing something simple which would increase it even higher.

Kind regards.


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Any tips at all for boosting torrents speeds ? 

I'm sure I've read of people claiming to get many Mbs per second.



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