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Songbird feature requests

Hi. I am a former Songbird user, which is also cross-platform. Having watched the progress of Miro during a couple of years, I am still quite disappointed with the overall usability of this program. Miro has a promising UI and very nice integration of podcasts and video files (unlike anyone else), but it lacks a lot of basic, common features like:

- drag & drop import of files

- remembering the folder you last navigated to to imported from

- secondary sort priorities like i.e. you sort by album, secondly it will order tracks by disc # and finally track # instead of displaying two 1st, 2nd, 3rd... tracks in a row for a double disc-album

- search by Composer in ID3 tags (and other fields)

- path ("C:\Documents and Settings\Username\My Documents\My Music\Album\File.mp3" etc.) as a column, disc no. as column besides track no.

- support of "x/y" format (i.e. 1/3 - track 1 of 3 - or 01/03) in track # and disc # in ID3

- support of multiple album art covers for the same album title (i.e. disc 1 has a cover, disc 2 has a different cover and so on)

Some times I also experience problems with album art, that it won't save my changes or import my embedded album art correctly from other players.

You should really study the interface of Songbird and code some similar facilities to make using Miro a better user experience. Thanks for doing a great project though. I'll look forward to make a complete transition to Miro someday.

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