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miro keeps freezing on me

Lately miro has not been working for me at all. I have a lot of web pages in the sources section, particurly different youtube channels. I also have a lot of stuff in podcasts. This would be stuff i have in various hds. I just wonder if I am overloading miro. I was thinking of uninstalling the program, without uninstalling the sources and podcasts i added. Is there any way i can do this?

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Ever since I clicked on ytube it's been freezing on me and I have to tell Kubuntu 13.10 to kill the Miro process. I am a new user so I haven't added many podcasts.

Signed up just to let you know its pretty impossible to run this program. The moment it launches, it locks up, and cant be restored. Also your registration process for your site is broken too. Too bad I wont ever be using Miro!

lol i made a comment here and its not appearing, i guess this is broken too!

when I attempt to play my first video the spinning wheel of death appears.  Sometimes it's 30 seconds and other times it never quits.  The few times I've been able to get video playing it's been choppy.  I have my library on an external HD but up until maybe two months ago it didn't seem to matter.  Miro was working fine.  I love this app when it works. Nobody has posted a fix or work around for this issue.

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