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English subtitles

Hi Can you please tell when I will get English subtitles for malayalam movie aarodum parayaathe which Is uploaded in you tube. Regards RIA Chawla

Thank you for your question, Ria Chawla.

I'm in charge of answering questions about the Amara subtitling tool, and I'm inexperienced in Miro. Nevertheless, does the YouTube video have English subtitles? Could you please indicate its URL?



Hi No you tube didn't hve English subtitles actually any if the eites having this movie doesn't hve English subtitles. For this movie subtitles hve to be created . Appreciate if u people can create subtitles for the same . Regards RIA Chawla

Thank you for your reply, Chawla.

In this case, may I suggest you log in to Amara - or sign up first if you do not yet have an account:

sign up login screenshot

and then join the Captions Requested team.

Once you have joined, you can go to the Videos tab and click on Add Video to add yours.

Members of the team will receive a notification about your video. 12 members have indicated Malayalam among their languages, so hopefully one of them will find the video interesting and volunteer to make English subtitles for it.



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