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Primary video folder?

I keep getting this error every time I open Miro:

           Miro can't use your primary video folder, which is currently set to:

          /Volumes/Time Machine

          Permissions error: Miro can't write to this folder

It asks me to choose a new folder, but when I do, Miro crashes.

Please help me to fix this so I can continue using Miro..THX

On the file tray, there are download, music, pictures, videos, projects, and personal folders. The other has one or more mobile hard disks, or a large space cloud disk such as Baidu cloud disk, which stores and backs up more files.

The last step is to change the default location of our original C drive download, document, music, picture, video and other folders to these newly created folders on the D drive. Take the picture as an example, the user under the C drive. In the folder, find our user name, click to enter, then right click in the picture folder, select properties, then click on the location, select the new image folder we created on the D drive, click OK. Finally, combined with the Windows system file "library", you can make the office more efficient.

mnnnn, Patty's question is about an error when using Miro, apparently on a Mac (see her mention of Time Machine) - not about organizing folders on a Windows PC. But thanks for trying!



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