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Podcasts that I listen to sometimes don't get marked as Played

I listen to my podcasts by copying the ones I want to listen to immediately or soon to a playlist and then listening to the playlist, either in order or randomly. When I listen to the podcasts in order, they are usually (but not always) marked as Played when they are done. When I listen to them randomly, they are never marked as Played. Is this intentional or a bug?

Thank you, Gail

As I don't know how to answer your post, I converted it to ticket #89265 - of which you should have received an email notification. It will go to tech staff who will be able to address it.




Well, I originally posted it as a ticket and was told to use the forums instead. 

Whatever works!

Ops, I didn't know that: I converted your post to a topic because yesterday, tech staff replied to a Miro topic. So I hope they'll reply to the one I converted for you too.

What happens is that I'm in charge of replying to help forum posts concerning Amara, but, forum queries concerning Miro (which I'm not competent in) also get listed for me, with the technical ability to convert them to tickets.




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