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Thumbnail image requirements

I'm having trouble submitting my podcast feed because I keep getting the error that my thumbnail image for my podcast is not a valid image. I've tried .jpg and .png in the size recommended 400x267.

Any suggestions?

4 people have this problem

I am having the same problem and I reached out to Miro and they said they can't offer support due to budgetary restrictions so they directed me here

I am getting the same problem.  Did anyone find a solution??

Same problem here. Tried it on Chrome and also IE... 

Natasha, did you find a solution?  I haven't... :( 

I'm having the same problem too.

Same problem here - I resized my file so its the exact size, and still getting the error.  I've searched the forum and there is no answer that I can find. So is there an alternative??

Has anyone solved this problem yet?

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