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Playback skips while listening to Podcasts

I'm a relatively new user of Miro, after trying to find something to reliably manage my podcast subscriptions that isn't iTunes (that is one seriously buggy program -come on Apple good lord). So far I have been pleased with the layout and the features. 

The only issue I'm really running into is that every time I play a podcast, even after "downloading" it, it skips every few seconds... like it is actually buffering. Now, since I cannot locate anywhere on my pc that these files are downloading to (unlike iTunes) and was having difficulty finding anything in the online help on this, it looks like they are downloading to some cloud area... which means if my wifi is spotty... it is going to buffer. 

Less than ideal. 

Perhaps I'm wrong. Suggestions to avoid this would be preferred because it does interrupt my listening flow a great deal and I'd prefer to not return to iTunes if possible.  

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