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Did the WebM option disappear?

Hi everyone, I just downloaded the latest Miro (full installer, offline) today for Windows and installed it. I'm in an offline environment so I could not use the online installer. Anyway, after I install it I imported a folder of ~600 MPG videos and I want to convert them all to WebM format. However when I go to the right-click Convert To... menu I don't see WebM or VP8 as an option. All I see are:

* Behold II, Cliq, Dream, Droid, Epic, Eris, G2, Galaxy Tab, Hero, Magic, Nexus One, Sensation, Xoom

* Apple Universal, iPad ..., iPhone ..., iPod ...

* Kindle Fire, MP3, MP4, Ogg Theora, Ogg Vorbis, Playstation Portable

Was WebM removed as an option? Or is there an issue since I installed this on a computer without internet access? Please provide any tips to get this working. Thanks!

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