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Miro 6 Issue - Video's Not Playing

 I previously had Miro 4, and used that for a while, and it worked, but then ran into a problem with some newer video's not showing thumbnails properly, plus I read that Miro 6 was generally all-in-all faster, so I figured it'd be time to upgrade. At first, I installed Miro 6 on top of Miro 4, to save the time of having to set up Miro and all my videos the way I wanted it to (thumbnail generation was one of those things), and the video's would not play, but I could play them externally. I use VLC as my media player, and it works whenever I play in VLC, but yet it will not work when I tried it in Miro 6. The video would not even play. I would click play, then pause again and I would get a message saying that Miro cannot play this file, even though it's an .avi, mp4, or otherwise (these all worked in Miro 4).

So, I then chose to uninstall everything. I uninstalled the program through Control Panel, then I followed the instructions in the FAQ and deleted all the locations that Miro was in, starting fresh. I then installed Miro 6 (blank slate), and then set up my video locations folders so I can see if they worked now (I previously thought maybe the install on top of Miro 4 was the issue, but it turned out not to be the case), and it did not work. I still got the same issue. Video's will not play in Miro, and work only externally, and this all from updating to Miro 6.

I also tried updating my VLC after for a 2nd test, did not work either. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.


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