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unable to download series and videos using Miro 6 please help

I was downloading using piratebay or eztv and it worked perfectly. Miro 6 is not working except for TED, Can you help me to sort this out or show me a way to download previous version that was working perfectly

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I too am unable to download with version 6 so I went back to version 5.0.4 and it works perfectly. I must admit that it took some doing to find the older version and even more effort to get it to install. Several times I tried to install what I thought would be version 5.0.4 but when I was finished it would be version 6.  The Miro version 5.0.4 I found that actually worked for me is at To find this I googled "Miro 5.0.4".  One other thing, version 5.0.4 seems to be set for Windows XP, I had to left click on the exe program, go into preferences, select compatibility and change the setting to match my operating system. I hope this helps.

I have the same problem

Thank you for your suggestion Jennie W. I have uninstalled and then installed the old one from your link.... But I cannot seem to open/run it. The set-up said it completed - the icon is on my desktop and everything!

If you have any hints on how to get it to work, I'd really appreciate it. I am not IT savvy at all, but appreciate help and patience.

Thanks everyone

I think I have a similar issue, but with podcasts. I am using Miro 6.0 on OS X 10.6.8 and can't download anything. The titles of the podcasts are listed in my sidebar, but simply have eternally spinning wheels, and absolutely nothing downloads.

In my Downloads Preferences, my Maximum number of manual downloads at a time is 5 and Maximum number of auto-downloads at a time is 4. No limits on upstream bandwidth, downstream bandwidth, or torrent connections. Starting port is 8500 and end port is 8600. "Automatically forward ports" and "Use DHT to find more peers" are checked, but the "Ignore unencrypted connections" and "Stop torrent downloads..." are not checked.

For example, I've been trying to download:
- Democracy Now! audio:
- BBC Best of Today:


I would appreciate any help at all on this! Thanks in advance.

I had the exact same issue with Miro v6.0XXX


I went into preferences / download tab and checked the box "LIMIT TORRENT CONNECTIONS TO:"

left to the 100 value, above starting ports 8500 & ending ports 8600 and the peers re-appeared and all started working well, just like previous versions.

Maybe it was already resolved.


Hoping it helps you all!!!


Had exactly same problem, I just did what Pepe le Piew suggested above and it was resolved, the download started up perfectly - Yay!! I cant really pretend to understand it, not being very computer literate lol. Thankyou Pepe - I run windows 7, I had upgraded to Miro v6 and it just would not work - after making sure Miro was allowed through the firewall, which did not solve the problem, this did. I hope it lasts, I've always relied on Miro...


Pépé le Piew's solution only worked for a few seconds then the problem came back. BTW: I am using the Linux version of Miro, so it looks like the problem is not just on the Windows version.

I had a similar problem since version 6 in my ubuntu setup.  My Mythtv/mirobridge scripts were failing as a result.  Pepe le piew's settings change worked for me

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Snagit screen capture


Hello there. I'm new at the forum. I'm trying to get some help with the download. I opened a ticket but it looks like nobody actually reply. Maybe this is not the right forum but I need to ask.
I'm trying to download Miro Video Converter but antivirus (ESET) detects a Trojan (Win32/Injected.F trojan) in the download. Did anyone know anything about this?

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.


Having same issue (ever since updating to 6.0) on Mac OS X.

This has been reported for a LONG time. Is it being resolved? Miro has been a useless app for me since updating to 6.0.

I ended up having to give up on Miro - I removed all traces of it (new and old versions), and installed BitLord instead. I haven't had a single hiccup, what a nice change it has been!

Good luck


Thanks for the suggestion. I am not sure, however, BitLord is a decent substitute for Miro. As far as I can tell, BitLord is primarily an application for finding and downloading torrents. Whereas, at least in my case, I primarily use Miro for managing streaming media content from various providers like YouTube, Google Video, etc. Does BitLord have this functionality, and I am simply overlooking it?

You can definitely download series and movies from websites available over the internet. Give these sites a try.

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