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unable to download series and videos using Miro 6 please help

I was downloading using piratebay or eztv and it worked perfectly. Miro 6 is not working except for TED, Can you help me to sort this out or show me a way to download previous version that was working perfectly

20 people have this problem

I have the same problem. The download is not registering any Peers.

Yup. Just updated to miro 6 and though torrents have seeds not getting any peers, also not an issue with torrents as downloaded on other software. 

Adding a "me too" to this thread. I'm able to download torrents through other clients, but since upgrading to Miro 6 this isn't working from within Miro.

This breaks an incredibly useful part of the application. Can someone from the Miro team weigh in on this issue?


Im having the same problem. The torrent goes into the download section and just doesnt start dowloading, it just freezes. Please help ASAP

Having the same problem.  Was working fine before downloading Miro 6.

Please Help!!


Ditto... I'm on Win7 all was well until I let Miro upgrade itself.  Dl'd 5.04 and reinstalled it only to have Miro fail 'upgrading' its db.  Had to 'start fresh' which meant adding videos, podcasts etc. back into the library. Total PIA.

To Robyn - You can download older versions from the download page at Not sure what OS you have but the Windows area is here -


So it is obvious that the new update is broke and there is no response from Miro on this forum, pull it together Miro FFS. Just to say you aware and working on the problem would be much better than the deafening silence. DO NOT ASK FOR DONATIONS IF THIS IS THE TYPE OF BULLSHIT TYPE OF OPERATIO YOU ARE RUNNING.

Same here. I downloaded Miro 6.0 and I couldn't download anything due to any "connected peers". In an attempt to fix it I deleted this update and re-download and install the previous version (Miro 5.04). I had to start fresh due to a fail in upgrading the database, but after adding all the videos to my queue it still won't find any peers!!!!
I am amazed that no one from the tech service has even shown signs of interest in the problem, it is really upsetting.


Same issue. just upgraded to Miro 6.0 and now no downloads.

Hi -

It sounds like all users reporting this problem are on Windows.  Can someone please provide a few links to legally downloadable videos that demonstrate this problem.

We did update the libtorrent backend for the Miro-6.0 release, but it sounds like another user is reporting the same issue when they went back to 5.0.4

I'd really like to get this tracked down.


Also, I'd like to suggest that users please double check your torrent download settings in the Preferences Download tab.  Make sure there's nothing off with your download rate limits, peer limits or ports.


I have the same issue as stated above by fellow users, check down load settings - starting and end port is 8500 to 8600 - Have tried pirate bay and TEDtalks (Video) - this link comes default when MIRO is installed.


OS - is Windows 7 - no issues before upgrade to 6 - Have tried to completely un-install and re-install same issue.

@scott Law-Davis - can you download from TEDTalks? 

To reproduce the torrent downloads - I'll need a link that is legally downloadable in the US.


yes I can

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