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Manual editing of podcast feeds

Is there any way to manually make an mp3 file show up as part of a subscribed podcast feed? For example in iTunes this is possible by editing the metadata tags. However in Miro, the downloaded mp3 files have no extended tag information. I have some old episodes of the podcast that I want to show up with the new ones.

Related question, if the podcast episode lists are not editable, does that mean that if the podcast feed only has one episode at a time, the older episodes will be deleted? If not, there must be some way that the program keeps track of what shows up in that podcast view, and hopefully some way to edit that list.

Does that make sense? Thanks for your help.

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So right now there isn't a good way to manually add an item to a podcast. We do track podcast items in the database so that you can see all items from a podcast as it updates, however to edit that - would require doing some manual edits to the database.

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