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Create Custom Podcast Playlist

I just started Using Downcast for iOS and it has a fantastic feature, Custom Playlists. basically you create a from your podcast subscriptions.  say for instance you want to create a "News Playlist:", You can say select individual podcasts from your main subscription list, designate the display of unplayed/played, 

{podcasts to Include}

 -  Include all podcasts

 -- Included Podcasts (This option should allow selection of one or more podcasts from you main list)

{sorting by group}


  - Group by podcast

  - ignore playlist Priority


(Continuous Play)

 - Obey Global Setting

{Episode to include}

 - Unplayed [on/off]

 - Played [on/off]

 - Audio [on/off]

 - Video [on/off]

 - Downloaded [on/off]

 - Streamed [on/off]

 - Downloading [on/off]

 - Non-local [on/off]


{Limit Included Episodes}

 - Only Partially Played

 - Only New

 - Only Locked


The option could be on the side bar or on the top bar next to All | Downloaded | Played | Unplayed |Audio | video | "News"

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